Parish News
  • Mother’ Day Dance

    Mother’ Day Dance: Saturday, May 12 from 7pm to 1pm at the Msgr. Bernelli Center. Tickets are $25. For more information call our office.   Baile de las Madres: Sábado,12 de Mayo, de 7 a 1am en el Salón Monseñor Bernel...
  • An Invitation

    On May 5th Rise and Walk Foundation will host their annual Mother’s Day Mass and Breakfast. The Mass will take place at 9am, here at St. Mary’s. The celebrant will be Fr. Torres. After Mass, we will have breakfast serve...
Event Catolico

Papa Francisco ordena 16 nuevos sacerdotes

Papa Francisco ordena 16 nuevos sacerdotes: Sed serviciales y misericordiosos El Domingo del Buen Pastor, en el que se celebra además la Jornada Mundial de las Vocaciones, el Papa Francisco ordenó en la Basílica de San Pedro...
Event catholic

Pope Francis to new priests

Pope Francis to new priests: Be like Jesus the Good Shepherd On Sunday Pope Francis ordained 16 men to the priesthood, reminding them to be like Jesus the Good Shepherd in the way they serve the members of their spiritual flock...

May 19: 1st Confessions
May 24: 1st Communion Rehearsal
May 25: Confessions for Confirmation recipients.
May 26: 1st. Communion Mass